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How do I join the 3KM official Guild?
It is easy to join the 3KM Guild online. All reputable guilds should have online presentations and associated application pages to complete forms for consideration. You may need to join a guild discord where all guild members interact.
It is not difficult to become a guild member, especially if the guild is actively looking for new members. In this case, the application may be approved immediately.
When you become a member, the guild will provide you with an account and everything you need for your chosen game. Most importantly, you will have enough training to start your game journey. Eventually, when you start making money, paying your share to the guild and providing the best experience about a game can benefit the guild in the long run.
3KM Official Guild Collaboration Application Form

▶ Introducing our guild partnered with 3KM

-NFT "Kartel" Basic Information

Community Size : 100~1000 users

"Noblesse" Basic Information

Community Size : 120 USER (Openkakao User)

"KGG" (Klay Guild Games) Basic Information

Community Size : 100~1000 users

Content Mining Crew(CMC) Basic Information

Community Size : 100~1000 users
Community :
Linktree :
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