Vision & Mission

NEO UNIVERSE has developed “3KM” with a mission that NEO UNIVERSE transforms into P2E games various games that everybody enjoyed and enjoys so that more people can enjoy the games through NEO UNIVERSE.
3KM” is to build an advanced ecosystem system by combining Gamefi and NFT, and the NEO UNIVERSE team will pioneer a new era in the P2E market through this.


In 2021, NEO UNIVERSE was established as a core member of the P2E game publishers: HDLABS, PRUNEBOMB SOFT, and EARNBOX. It has been a long but exciting journey to reach where we are today. We are thrilled to create products that give joy to people around the world. ‌We believe that games are an integral part of human life.
Games allow us to discover the hidden abilities of individuals, groups, and societies, which are limited or impossible in real life. The advent of blockchain technology is helping to elevate the development of games (e.g., the imagination of adventure games, the fast thinking and handling of action games, and the interaction and teamwork of online games) to new heights. With the outstanding features of blockchain such as decentralization, security, transparency, and freedom, blockchain can help traditional games do things that were not possible before.
3KM is a game into which we put a lot of time over the course of a year, and many developers, designers and planners have participated in the development to give an exciting experience in terms of gameplay. We aim to create a world where all entities participating in the ecosystem (developers, investors, users, etc.) share the profits. We are developing games with the goal of earning profits as much as we contribute to the ecosystem, and the profits are returned to the ecosystem and circulated.


3KM's mission is to solve the problem of hyperinflation of NFTs and the limitation of utilization of governance tokens that P2E games, currently in service or in preparation for service, have reached. After long deliberation, we came up with a new method of generating NFTs, and also came to the conclusion that the right to produce in-game goods, which had been concentrated on developers and operators, should be transferred to users and investors participating in the ecosystem.
First, we will transfer some of the governance tokens excessively produced by NFTs of the current P2E game to staking investors. If investors can earn NFT Orbs that can NFTify heroes and gears in game by staking governance tokens, they can use the NFT Orbs to produce NFTs or sell them on the market place to earn profits. This can control the production of NFT according to profitability, and this can increase the utility and value of governance tokens by inducing staking of governance tokens to obtain profits.
We also gave a more stable structure to the existing P2E games by adding the NFT Orb to the limitations of the economic system caused by designing the economy of the game with two variables: governance token and utility token. In addition, we provided a reasonable distribution system according to the sound competition between games and the success of the games by adopting a multi-staking pool system between multiple games that use the governance token "3KM".
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